Featured Projects

A Manifesto of NeoFuturism (2008)

(Re)Awakening Of A City (2008)

(Re)Awakening Of A City, New York (2008)

A Call to Arms (2009)

Start! A Neo Futurist Opera in 5 movements (2010)

The End of Listening (2011)

Concerto for Brutalist Buildings (2011)

CarTet for Vehicles of Italian Manufacture (2013)

Framework Afield: 100 Years of the Art of Noises (2013)

The Middle Classes Are Revolting (2013)

The Ballad of Skinny Lattes and Vintage Clothing (2011-14)

Schei$e Kunst (2013)

The Gentrification Suite (2014)

The Growing Manual, Seoul (2014)

Revolution #10 (2014)