Schei$e Kunst

Created as part of The Ballad of Skinny Lattes and Vintage Clothing, this radical performance club called upon the spirit of Dada to present a satirical critique of austerity and the art market at the iconic Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club. We are currently on the lookout for a venue in Berlin to make this into a regular event.

Join us at the Schei$e Kunst Klub – Brighton/ Berlin/London’s newest and boldest pop-up vintage conceptual art salon pop-up!

An hilarious celebration of bad art and all of the varieties of badness in between. Get responsibly and ethically drunk on a Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday – the worst day of the week.

Try your hand at conceptual/art/performance/media/interventionism and you could win a one way research bursary ticket to Berlin and the opportunity to present your research through a strong framing in pseudo-academic contexts.

Start a start up mash up mixdown then Instafacetweet your success to your followers
And there is a disco
And a photobooth
And dressing up
And a vintage blog!

The promo film was shot and edited by Tim Newton.

  • We are seeking proposals from artists, performers and academics of all disciplines, broadly based on the following sentence: “I wasn’t good enough at Art to pay my rent so I moved to Berlin; now there’s a Starbucks there, it’s better, but I’m ethically compromised.” 
  • But also based on satirical and polemical responses to the squeezed middle, international art markets, the rise of the far right and global economic meltdown. 
  • Proposals could take the form of live painting, game shows, stand up comedy, audience interventions, music, spoken word – or indeed anything else that expresses the project themes. All accepted proposals will access support as required.