The Future is Dead, Long Live the Future!

Neo Futurist Collective – cultural producers of contemporary art and agent provocateurs of the avant garde, “celebrating urban noise” from 2007 to their demise in 2018. Publicly launched on 20th Feb 2008 on the 99th anniversary of the publication of the Founding of Futurism manifesto by FT Marinetti, and led by Artistic Director Giuseppe Marinetti, the collective produced work for galleries, performance spaces and the public realm. The collective are also known as the Skinny Vintage Investment Corporation.

Neo Futurist Collective officially met its death on October 16th 2018 at The Final Noise salon, part of the intervention “Make Futurism Great Again”  at the Estorick Collection in London.

This legacy website showcases work that often began on the streets, creating collaborations between artists and local communities to produce unique, public artworks in car parks, street markets, cafes and village greens with the aim of making radical performance and sound art accessible for all, inspired by the work of the original Milan futurists.

Founder Giuseppe Marinetti lives on, rising like a phoenix from the flames that have consumed Neo Futurism.

“The Future is Dead, Long Live the Future”, Rowena Easton (2018)