Revolution #10

Revolution #10 is an evolving artwork about the importance of democracy.

Revolution #10 takes its’ inspiration from a track on The Beatles’ White Album, Revolution 9, released in 1968 at the height of student protests, the Paris occupation and the anti-war movement. An abstract audio collage of voices and sounds in the style of musique concrete; John Lennon referred to the piece as “the sound of protest”. In 2014, with the rise of the far right across Europe, we feel it is more important than ever to defend the idea of democracy, in the wake of the parliamentary expenses scandal and a general apathy towards our elected politicians.

Revolution #10 gives the public a voice in creating A People’s Manifesto – a radical sound collage to express the hopes and fears of the nation for the next 5 years, as we approach the General Election in 2015.

The work begins on a campaign stall, recording interviews with members of the public responding to the 3 QUESTIONS.  It culminates in a sound installation and performance  in which self-styled “Man of the People” Giuseppe Marinetti gives a political acceptance speech composed entirely from quotes of those he has interviewed.

Question #1:
If you were elected as Prime Minister in May 2015, what would be the first thing you would say to the nation?

Question #2:
Does democracy matter?

Question #3:
We need a revolution because… (finish this sentence)

The dedicated project website can be found here. A Peoples Manifesto, created as part of the project was presented at an event at the Houses of Parliament on March 11th.